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Updated Jan 2013
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Methods of making stained glass panels

Link to our facebook page showing some of the methods we use.

We make a variety of bespoke stained glass and leaded lights in traditional and alternative designs, using traditional methods and materials. These are generally for regular glazing (maybe where you want an alternative to conventional clear obscured glass), or for hanging or standing in front of existing windows, including double glazed units. They are fully weather proof, but can also be used in interior decoration. We also undertake repairs.
we will:
·    produce new panels to match or complement your existing glass
·    work with you and your designs to produce new leaded coloured glass panels
·    prepare and execute designs from your ideas and brief
·    come up with design ideas for you
·    install the finished piece if required (its common for newly installed windows to be backed up with regular or toughened glass for additional security)
we work:
·    with the traditional materials of lead cames (or calms) and coloured glass, cut by hand to the design (the cartoon), fitted together (leaded up), the lead joints fluxed (with tallow) and soldered together, cemented in (with a special putty) and finally finished with blacklead.
·    sometimes introducing elements using the copper foil technique - often seen in lamp shades and pioneered by Tiffany - who also produced windows in this medium.
·    using foil for finer detail where the width of the lead stops us achieving this.
·    with an initial set of drawings including a cartoon, and these are used for cutting and assembly.
we do not:
·    use self adhesive lead strips combined with coloured lacquers to create our work. These are non-traditional mass production type methods, often seen in double glazed windows and casements. They lack the visual impact of the traditional techniques since they use a single usually flat glass, in a rigid plane and much of the reflection and life of a proper leaded pane is lost.

We usually install the stained glass panels that we manufacture, but we can supply only.  We have comprehensive fitting instructions available to our self-fit customers, but it’s not really a DIY job.

Installation of leaded panels behind laminated safety glass affords much greater security, since it is almost impossible to penetrate.  It also provides protection to the leaded panel, particularly for busy households. If installed on the outside – providing maximum deterrent factor, the outer sheet of glass means that the external appearance particularly in daylight is different to an unprotected panel due to reflections.
The area of the frame immediately around the work on both sides will probably need repainting due to the slight damage occurring as old glass is removed.

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