Why book one to one yoga tuition?

Individual Yoga tuition is tailored to your specific needs - health, flexibility, strength, experience and knowledge of yoga, and gives you the chance to learn at your own pace, proceeding as quickly or as slowly as you wish. There is also ample opportunity to ask questions and to get feedback on your progress as a yoga student.

An individual class is ideal for beginners as well as anyone who feels unsure about attending a group class. Private yoga tuition is also suitable for more advanced students who want to focus on developing specific aspects of their practice.

Other reasons include:
  • Too busy to come to a group yoga class – it’s convenient and more time efficient to have yoga tuition at home.
  • Nervous/self-conscious about attending a group class, and therefore preferring one to one setting.
  • Want to reduce stress and learn to relax.
  • Need to learn to breathe better.
  • Have a disability which makes a group setting difficult – eg hearing loss.
  • Know nothing about yoga – a private class is a great way to  learn.
  • Particular strengthening or exercising needs.
  • To deepen what you already know about yoga.

If you would like any more information about group or one to one yoga classes, do get in touch

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