What to expect from a private one-to-one yoga lesson

I prepare a lesson outline specifically for you, based on our discussions or previous lessons, and provide a copy of this at the end. I come to your home or venue which will need to be a suitable space where you have enough room to move and stretch out. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing – a T-shirt and tracksuit trousers or leggings are ideal - plus you may want an extra layer or two to put on during the final period of relaxation.

A typical yoga class will begin with some warm up exercises, sometimes preceded by a short relaxation with some breathing practice, followed by a variety of postures (asanas), and a final relaxation at the end of the lesson. If required, a short meditation practice can also be included. Mindfulness techniques are often taught as part of the relaxation or meditation aspect of the lesson. I will fully explain and demonstrate all the practices, and assist and adjust your practice of the postures as necessary.

Each yoga lesson will build on the previous one: postures and practices already learned can be repeated (with variations) to fully integrate your learning experience, while new postures can be introduced gradually for a more rounded, varied practice and to maintain your interest.

If you would like any more information about group or one to one yoga classes, do get in touch

private yoga class
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